Original Black Horse Vital Honey 10g x 24 sachets for Male Enhancement

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1 BOX Black Horse Vital Honey
( 10g x 24 sachets)
Notes : Weight product 0.4kg include box and wrapping

The main effects of Black Horse:
Increased sexual response and sperm quality
Give energy to the body
Improve sperm count
Improves fertility
Improves blood circulation
Regain sexual energy, desire, libido.
Treat erection problems.
Manage sexual impotence.
Treat premature ejaculation.
Supports a healthy immune system
Build a better muscle body
Reduces fatigue

Pure honey, Radix eurycoma longifolia extract, Radix panax ginseng powder, bee larvae powder.

Using advice :
Consume one sachet every 3 days or as needed


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